DA * League 2019

Bangladesh First Division DOTA2 League

7 September 2018
10 Teams. 45 Matches. 90 Games. 1 Champion

The big one. The Premier DOTA 2 league in Bangladesh. Participation only through qualification or by special invite by DGL. Ninety games over the course for 4 months to determine the Champions of 2019.


Only teams thats have qualified are eligible to participate in this tournament. This inaugural season of the league will host 3 qualifiers.

All teams must participate in at least one of the above mentioned qualifiers and survive long enough to reach the qualification spots in order to be considered for the league.


The competition is held in league format. Each team plays two (2) games with every other team. At the end of the tournament the team with highest points wins.


A team scores 3 points for winning both games of a match (WIN) A team scores 1 point for winning one of two games of a match (DRAW) A team scores 0 points for losing both games of a match (LOSS)


In case of same points, position is determined by Kill-Death difference of teams over all matches played. The team with the highest points tally are crowned champions at the end of the season. If two or more teams are still tied at the end of the season in points and kill-death difference, they are declared co-champions. More information about the league will be available after the qualifiers. This page will be updated with said information. ‚Äč