DGL meets Toronto DEFIANT

Meet and Greet @ EGLX

29 October 2018

EGLX 2018 was fun. With a number of esports tournaments, and gaming fun in general. Both the Canada Cup and the Canada qualifiers for next year's WESG were held.

We sent DateaM's own ParaNox, and XEQTIONR to meet the General Manager and Coach of Toronto's Overwatch Team. The Toronto Defiant. Big shout out to Enthusiast Gaming Team for making this happen. The meet and greet was sponsored by HP Omen's new line of Gaming PCs and Laptops.

First Up, Beoumjun "Bishop" Lee. The former South Korea Overwatch player now turned coach led the the London Spitfire to win the first ever title of the Overwatch League. Previously, he has also coached team Cloud9 in Overwatch Contenders 2017 Season Zero: North America among other tournaments. He has now been named to fill the same role for the Toronto Defiant.

Up next, we have Jaesun "Jae" Mon who has been named the General Manager of the Toronto team. We got together for a brief photo-shoot and asked the two gentlemen a few questions.

XEQTIONR : So I know that you guys are not allowed to announce the who is actually in the Toronto roster. But can you atleast tell us whether the roster has been confirmed?

JAE : I can say, that the roster is almost confirmed, but we are still exceptions that are not confirmed yet.

XEQTIONR : So lets say I hit top 500. What will it take for you or any other Overwatch League Team to notice me.

JAE : There are the open qualifiers that you can compete in. That is where you and your team gets noticed.

XEQTIONR : Does that mean, I have a better chance to be selected if I am already in a team, and my team gets selected or qualifies.

BISHOP : No, that is not neccesarily the case. We just picked up a single player from another team.

(We'll reveal below who he was probably talking about)

XEQTIONR : You know, all of us here in Toronto expect big things from you guys.


That was it for now. We did get a few more photos with the two.