Faceoff 6 finally begins.. 8 new teams in action.

All you need to know about the first round of matches in Faceoff 6.

24 November 2018

The first official match for DGL Faceoff 6 begins tonight. Eight teams are locked in, battling for the three next spots for DOTA 2 All-Star League 2019. It all begins with the first match between Playmates and Universe 7, tonight at 9PM.

PlaymatesPM vs U7Universe 7

The following day, tomorrow, team League of Legends (lol indeed) take on Cancer Lancer, also at 9PM (Saturday November 24th).

League of LegendsLOL vs CLCancer Lancer

After that, a whole week later we have, NINJA SEX PARTY vs Azure Dragon on the saturday after on December 1st.

NINJA SEX PARTYSaxxy vs ADAzure Dragon

Finally on Sunday (December 2nd) we have the finals match of Winner Bracket Round 1 between teams Hazardous Caste and The Council.

Hazardous CasteHC vs TCHazardous Caste

All matches are a best of 3. The final game is not played if any of the teams win both of the first two games. All teams check-in starting an hour before the match and then join their team's voice channel on DGL's discord server prior to the beginning of the match. Matches are streamed live on DGL's twitch channel. Please be advised that streams may start upto 5 minutes later than the match start time. The four winners of this round move on to Winner Bracker Round 2. The losers fall down and continue on in the Losers bracket Round 1.